Artist Spotlight: Teratology

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I wish I made this post AGES ago, but i’m also glad I didn’t because within the span of me postponing this blog post/neglecting to write it, Teratology has come out with so many new and industry pushing looks. Teratology regards herself as being “known for making three dimensional makeup designs out of paper”, but if you’ve been following her for awhile you’d know her as the queen of surgeon precise graphic liner.

She photographs her own looks and creates a dreamy, soft, glowy, and monochromatic environment for them to exist in. She’s ventured from just posting single eye looks, to full face, looks involving more color and now looks involving paper cutouts she designs herself. I love that she utilizes color in a way that is minimal and unique to her, but is still extremely bright and vivid. She utilizes shapes and blurred shadows in her looks, as well as craft materials like poms poms and heavyweight craft paper.

Teratology is 20 year old Maren Bailey from Pheonix, Arizona. Her dream is to be a SFX makeup artist. Some of her influences include: David Bowie, Cindy Sherman, Johnny Eck, Schlitze Surtees, and Minnie Woolsey. She is inspired by clowns, sideshow freaks, candy, and sweets. She shares with her followers her struggles of being viewed as a freak, critiqued for her artwork being too eccentric growing up as a young artist, applying for jobs at Makeup stores like Ulta and Mac and not getting called back, and even working at Arby’s.

Teratology’s Makeup Collection

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Vegan Makeup She Uses:
Sugarpill Dewdrop & Imperial Lashes
Sugarpill Pressed Eyeshadows
Melt Stacks
Lime Crime Velvetines
OCC Creme Colour Concentrate
Ben Nye Setting Powder
Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation
E.L.F. Face Primer

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She’s received a lot of hate online, and has considered quitting makeup or deleting her online presence, but has been resilient and fought through it. She’s currently going through a period of immense recognition which i’m really happy about because she deserves to be recognized for her work. Most importantly she realizes that people are paying attention to her work even though she thought she’d never make it this far.
You can support her by donating to her Kickstarter campaign to start a business of selling her paper makeup designs/prosthetics, or following her Instagram account.

All Photos are copyright Teratology.

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