Zero Waste Log #1 : Woodstocks & Uber

In an effort to try and get this fuckin post finished and completed, I am using this picture of all my packaged candy I am working on using up. Right now this jar is halfway full! Zero waste is awesome because it’s the only excuse to eat as much candy as I can, because I’m trying to use it up so I can buy bulk sour patch watermelon mmm…

This post is a part of a series of “Zero Waste Logs” which are a way to keep myself accountable, as well as to share with myself and others the ways I’ve made efforts to stay zero waste, and my journey that comes with it. No one is perfect, and everyone is at different stages in their journey. I think it’s important to share the process, instead of perpetuating this idea of having made it, or having everything figured out. That being said, i’m also on a journey of making less but mindful purchases therefore consuming less overall, eating healthy & vegan/vegetarian, and holding myself accountable for the way I treat myself, others, and my environment in my everyday life. I try to do them as often as I can or on days I don’t have other blog posts planned 

Okay so I always write these the day after, but here is how my day went:

Was underprepared at work, but did manage to bring myself an apple, tangerine, and my water bottle. I kept my scraps in my bag and refilled my water, and drank A LOT of water.

When I got home I composted my scraps and ate leftover salad that had these ingredients:

  • Spinach
  • Scallions
  • Tomato
  • Pickled Jalapenos
  • Shredded carrot
  • Raw pumpkin seeds
  • Hemp Seeds
  • Balsamic Vinaigrette

All the veggies I bought loose, the seeds in bulk, and the vinaigrette in glass from my local market. I brought it with me on the way to class and ate it in the car. I want to learn how to make apple cider vinegar from scraps eventually.

My boyfriend made himself pasta with bulk penne and Trader Joe’s Alfredo Sauce which comes packaged in glass, he had with tomatoes, and I had some too. Ate some more salad. We have broccoli that we forgot about which he could’ve added to the pasta, which is a bummer! Just have to make sure to use it soon.

We got delivery, and while getting pot delivered from a local place is better that driving into the city to get some, they always deliver it in plastic ziploc bags, I could possibly ask them not to, or maybe lend them some jars to use when they deliver for me, but it’s something I haven’t worked around.

We went to woodstock’s for trivia night but because we live in a college town, they canceled it since there weren’t enough people (most people have left for spring holiday). We took the bus there, and uber’d back. Uber although not the best company, is a way to support people’s hustle, which i’m all about. Whenever I get a good uber driver I always make sure to tip them well! You’re never to broke to tip someone who’s given you good service (and can joke with you about cops being pigs).

We got a Grateful Veg pizza with Daiya, came served on on a dish with knife, awesome! No waste there! No stupid plastic table or even wax paper. We ran into some issues though, my boyfriend can’t have his pizza without ranch, and our experience at other pizza places is that they always have ranch in plastic containers ready for customers who ask for them, so next time we go to a pizza place we’ll bring our own. He got a drink there (gin and tonic) that was served in glass with a lime wedge, but with 2 tiny plastic straws. I was thirsty and the only cups they had available for water were plastic. I brought with me on the way to woodstocks coconut water packaged in glass and a banana. Kept my banana peel with me the whole time, and the glass bottle, should’ve used the bottle for water! Lesson learned.

I took home all our waste from Woodstocks and was able to either compost it or put it in recycling. They didn’t have any bins for either, which is why I made sure to take it home where I knew it would be.


Things that i’ve learned:

  • Learn to get in the habit of bringing my our own ranch when we go to pizza places. Which is a double win because we can bring the awesome vegan ranch we have that’s better for us.
  • Ask for no plastic straw when getting drinks at a bar, also bring your own straw.
  • Need to hurry up and make our own napkins!
  • Should’ve brought my water bottle. A rule of thumb i’m developing is if the place you’re going to has a bathroom, bring a water bottle. I also could’ve used the glass bottle leftover from my coconut water for water instead of getting a plastic cup.
  • When cooking, always try to add as much of the produce you have on hand as you can. You can get creative and add vegetables to dishes you think would’ve never suited it. You’d be surprised at what you might find is good!


Waste I could’ve avoided by bringing my own re-useables or better solutions:

  • Napkins
  • Ziploc Bags from weed (lol)
  • Plastic Straws
  • Plastic Cup

Next time i’ll take a picture of my waste from the day!

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