Zero Waste Log #2: Using up our veggies

To avoid using plastic we just place the produce directly on the scale and transfer to a cloth bag for transportation.

Day off today! Which is awesome because it’s an opportunity to slow down.

I oiled pulled using TJ’s coconut oil in glass, then rinsed afterwards using homemade mouth rinse/wash.  I always spit my pulled oil directly into the compost.

This post is a part of a series of “Zero Waste Logs” which are a way to keep myself accountable, as well as to share with myself and others the ways I’ve made efforts to stay zero waste, and my journey that comes with it. No one is perfect, and everyone is at different stages in their journey. I think it’s important to share the process, instead of perpetuating this idea of having made it, or having everything figured out. That being said, i’m also on a journey of making less but mindful purchases therefore consuming less overall, eating healthy & vegan/vegetarian, and holding myself accountable for the way I treat myself, others, and my environment in my everyday life. I try to do them as often as I can or on days I don’t have other blog posts planned

Made loose jasmine green tea, and drank leftovers from last night. I really can’t get enough of it! Since our french press broke, my boyfriend has been drinking more tea with me which I really enjoy. I used our kettle to heat water, turned the stove off, but left the leftover water in the kettle simmering over the remaining heat to keep it warm, so I could get it to boiling faster than if I were to keep it on a cool surface. I reused the tea leaves and just let them steep longer to get the same great taste. Afterwards the only thing left to do is compost the tea leaves. Not only was able to save energy by being more frugal this way, but also use less tea leaves.

My boyfriend likes to poop first thing in the morning and read the news, like most people do. He does a lot for me all the time, and I want to put in the conscious effort to do more for him. I brought him the tea I made in our fanciest tea cup, cold water in a glass swing top bottle filtered using our zero waste water filtration system, and some incense, while making him breakfast. He wanted to eat one of the bagels we bought in bulk from Winco, with the vegan cream cheese we get from TJ’s that we still buy in plastic, which we can re-use or recycle.


We had a bath and used up some products that I have, which is awesome! I’m slowly getting through my hoard of Lush products. We finished our magnesium oil, which I can recycle the bottle for, and I did a honey mask which I ended up getting everywhere and eating most of which is okay because honey is good for you <3 By creating a demand for bee products we can force the bee keeping industry to expand to meet market demands, therefore having a higher population of bees.

  • Used up bath oil (composted paper wrapping)
  • Almost done using up my American Pie shower jelly, will return container to store so they can recycle it, alongside caps, and other things


We made a goal for ourselves for the day to not use our car, or to use it less. So we rode our bikes to get ingredients for our dinner, and used today as a way to use up all our produce before it went bad. Here’s how it went down:

-Bought produce from our local market, a bunch of crimini mushrooms I bunched together in a cotton bag, a bell pepper, tomatoes, chinese eggplant, and a tangelo for breakfast tomorrow.

My boyfriend made pasta with these ingredients:

  • Leftover alfredo sauce from yesterday (packaged in glass)
  • bulk macaroni noodles
  • bulk cheese powder
  • leftover onions + fresh onions
  • The mushrooms we bought
  • leftover tomato + fresh tomato

We enjoyed it with steamed bok choy and broccoli that we had. I went to the grill our apartment complex has and grilled up some veggies, I brought salt, pepper, italian seasoning, olive oil, water for me to drink, and the veggies.

  • Bell pepper
  • leftover + fresh mushrooms
  • Chinese eggplant
  • Italian zucchini squash that we had
  • kale that we had


It was delicious! And we were able to use up all the produce we had that would’ve gone bad otherwise. All leftovers I packed for my lunch tomorrow, which ended up being the perfect amount. Other leftovers like the kale chips, we are going to bring as snacks to the movie theatre instead of buying popcorn, which is cheaper, healthier, and less wasteful.

At this time I made green tea lemonade using leftover loose full leaf jasmine pearl green tea, local and organic raw honey, lemons, and all the kumquats I had leftover. I also made myself a g&t with kumquat juice and jalapeno brine which was so tasty <3 I’m glad I found a way to use up the jalapeno brine without just dumping it in the sink. This will help us save money on olives in brine.

I wore makeup today so that I can use up the makeup I have and came up with a routine to use up specific products. Getting in the routine of doing my makeup every morning will be nurturing, as I love wearing makeup just for the creative and muscle memory act of applying it.

I started my period which prompted me to buy a menstrual cup and some other supplies I need

My bananas were ripe and so I froze them in tea/kitchen towels under the suggestion of sustainable vegan on youtube

Money spent today:

  • ~$10 (9.65 to be exact) on all veggies and 1 fruit
  • $50 for menstrual cup, spray bottles, & swingtop bottles


Waste from today:

  • Label from Winco for the bagels we bought in bulk
  • Foil
  • Foil wrapper from vegan cheese

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