Zero Waste Log #3: Double the curry

One day I’ll be able to take a good quality frou frou picture of my veggie curry… one day

I’m on my period and have yet to get my menstrual cup in the mail, so i’ve been using some disposable pads and hating it! They are probably the biggest things in our trash can right now lol. (Also, I should probably not point this out because you’ll think i’m disgusting, but thats my pants on the floor with a pad sticking out. Don’t ask me what I was doing that made me take my pants off in the kitchen)


This post is a part of a series of “Zero Waste Logs” which are a way to keep myself accountable, as well as to share with myself and others the ways I’ve made efforts to stay zero waste, and my journey that comes with it. No one is perfect, and everyone is at different stages in their journey. I think it’s important to share the process, instead of perpetuating this idea of having made it, or having everything figured out. That being said, i’m also on a journey of making less but mindful purchases therefore consuming less overall, eating healthy & vegan/vegetarian, and holding myself accountable for the way I treat myself, others, and my environment in my everyday life. I try to do them as often as I can or on days I don’t have other blog posts planned

  • I had two bananas and an apple as snacks throughout work today and kept my scraps in a cotton bag until I could take them home and compost them.
  • I got my smoothie in a glass cup vs. a disposable plastic cup, no straw
  • Drank water in a glass cup since I didn’t bring my water bottle
  • Got my sandwhich served on a plate, instead of in a paper bag.
  • Had two little packets of siracha in plastic with it cause I was sad and needed it.
  • Boyfriend got his americano in a glass cup
  • Was able to bring home soymilk in my mason jar!

Reuseables I had with me today that helped me avoid waste:

  • Organic cloth muslin produce bag
  • Ball mason jar
  • Lush tote bag



We made curry for dinner, the usual vegan japanese curry recipe that we use and has never failed us. We ran out of oriental curry powder, and used some chana masala powder, which worked, but made it more spicy than usual. Also we ran out of red apples, so we used a green apple for our curry which gave the curry a gentle sour kick. We made extra curry so we’d have a lot of leftovers as well as use up produce that would’ve gone bad otherwise: carrots, potatos, onions, apples, and veggie broth.

Until we collect more veggie scraps, we will have to keep buying veggie broth in freakin’ tetra packs. I also came up with the idea of using produce on it’s last life to make veggie broth, which I might actually do tomorrow. Since we finally got a giant pot we were able to fit all the curry, and cook it better, my main reason for wanting a pot though was for making soups and broth.

Money spent today: $0

Waste created today: 2 small pieces of plastic from siracha, 2 tetra packs of veggie broth that we finished, and 2 disposable menstrual pads.

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