Zero Waster Approved: “A Better Straw” Glass Straws Review

Disclaimer: I bought these with my own money and all opinions/musings are 100% my own, there are no affiliate links in this post because I’m too lazy to try to set up Amazon’s affiliate program on my blog (lol), ((but also that shit pisses me off.))

It’s taken me awhile to buy glass straws, but I knew I would eventually have to buy them as I actually love drinking out of straws. I had sworn off straws for awhile just because I thought they would make my lips extra wrinkly. I had a music teacher that wore funky print leggings and always drank out of a plastic straw because she loved wearing lipstick, and I for some reason thought her lips were extra wrinkly as a result of that (but dude she was boy george if boy george was a kick ass black woman).

I don’t like to use straws like the normal person (surprise), I like to stick the straw as far into my throat as possible without gagging and use my belly or thorax or some other part of my body besides my lips to create the “sucking” action. This helps me avoid puckering my lips and getting them all wrinkly. Straws I also feel make drinking shit so much faster. When i’m drinking out of a straw I can dome any drink, may it be some tonic made with apple cider vinegar and chlorella, or vodka over ice.

Benefits of drinking out of a glass straw:

  • No teeth staining (using method described above)
  • Doesn’t contribute to plastic waste in the landfill
  • Less likely to end up in the ocean (unless you throw it in there you fucking asshole)
  • Endlessly re-useable (unless you break it or lose it)
  • Makes it easier to drink stuff
  • Won’t mess up your lipstick as bad


There is this man named Zoka that comes in regularly to the cafe I work at to play chess with a buddy, he can recite the “To be or not to be” monologue by memory, and likes to get his drinks in a glass cup. I’m planning on giving him one of these straws, and hopefully it will make him want to tip me every time he sees me. It’s a risky investment, but worth it, because in the end he’ll have a glass straw to drink out of every time he’s here. I’ve been thinking of donating some to our store, but I don’t know if we’ll be allowed to since I don’t work at a small cafe, but rather one that’s a part of a corporate franchise (not naming right now because I don’t want my coworkers to find me lol). This is the same reason why my idea to use compost liners in the bathrooms will never come out of my mouth to my boss.

I finally got some glass straws off of Amazon, since i’m stuck with my prime membership for another year, I also couldn’t find them anywhere local. I have seen some stainless steel straws locally, but they were charging up the ass for it, and I was like NOPE.

I’m happy to say I found some that came packaged in paper/cardboard off of Amazon under the A Better Straw brand, It was a set of 5 for $14 that comes with a cleaning brush & cloth bag, which will both be useful. It works out to about $2.8 per straw.

I was really impressed by the paper packaging, as I was worried it would come bubble wrapped, but I can pretty much throw it all into my paper recycling bin and call it a day. When buying new things, I try to purchase things that come in eco-friendly packaging as much as possible. Even if a product will help me reduce waste in the long run, I still want to minimize “one time” waste if possible, which is why I feel good sharing this brand of straws here on my blog.

They are approximately 9 inches long (~8.93inches/22.7cm)



  • Dishwasher & microwave safe
  • BPA free
  • Gently curved edges won’t cut your mouth up
  • Comes with everything you need to get started using glass straws
  • Chique & classy as fuck
  • Less wasteful alternative to plastic straws
  • Thick, sturdy, and durable quality glass
  • Bent shape makes drinking easy
  • Makes a great gift



  • Can be a pricey first time investment
  • When buying these locally, they are usually marked up absurdly.
  • Can break if you’re not careful
  • They are all one-size
  • Too thick to be used for yeti containers



Overall, I do recommend these if you’re in the market for some, the link is here if you need again. They also sell them in non bent varieties, although I’d suggest the bent ones over the straight ones.

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