Link Love: Vegan Recipes that are Soy, Gluten, and Grain Free

I want to try eating both soy and gluten free, because I have noticed my stomach gets upset when I consume gluten, and I also have hormone issues, and soy can cause excess estrogen. Here i’ve compiled a list of vegan recipes that don’t contain either soy or gluten, and the majority are grain free too. All of these recipes are made with whole foods, with an emphasis nutrient dense vegetables. These will help you get away from wheat and soy based faux meats in your vegan diet, and replace them with more nourishing plant foods! All of the ingredients used can also be sourced zero or low waste.




Empowered Sustenance

Baba Ganoush, photo copyright Empowered Sustenance

A blog I am currently obsessed with because of her holistic approach to food and everyday living. I love her personal care tips and product recommendations. Although she is paleo and recommends eating meat like raw liver, she has a bunch of awesome coincidentally vegan recipes that are paleo, soy free, dairy free, grain free, legume free, and gluten free:



Oh She Glows

Crispy Smashed Potatoes w/ aioli, photo copyright Oh She Glows


A very popular vegan blogger who makes awesome vegan recipes. A lot of her recipes are gluten and soy free, although some of these below do to contain grains, and a lot rely on legumes for protein sources.

Helpful tips:


Other good, but vegetarian recipes from Empowered sustenance:


Intro photo from Unsplash, thank you <3


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