Mastering the Art of Going to the Farmer’s Market (ZW Log #5)

Note to self: Stop taking pictures of your farmer’s market hauls on grass. The bugs get in them and it takes away from the beauty of the kale. 

Pictured: Carrots (95c/pound), Mint($2/bunch), Organic Kale ($6 for 3 bunches), Beet, Squash ($1/each), Chinese Long Beans ($2.50/bunch), Organic Yellow Raspberries ($6/pint), Cucumbers ($2 for 4)

Not pictured: Concord grapes I ate while shopping & a dozen free range eggs for $3

I feel like the more I go to the Farmer’s market, and the more consistently I go, the more excited I get, and the more I am able to budget and plan ahead. I’ve had so many instances where I buy things at the farmer’s market because my eyes are hungry for it, but I have no idea how to prepare it and end up wasting it .

food waste =/= zero waste, even if you throw it in the compost!!! 

It is tricky, but I’m getting super serious about combatting food waste, mostly because I am broke and can’t afford to waste this precious yummy food!

What I did with all this food/planning to do:

  • Use 2 kales to make kale chips
  • Made juice for the next 2-3 days
  • Make Ginataang Kalabasa at Sitaw
  • Ate all the raspberries today lol
  • Make some italian dish with the squash

The guy who sold me the squash told me he reserves his biggest squash to feed his animals.

As someone limited to the camera on my macbook, here are the most pretentious pictures of the juice I made with my farmer’s market produce:

Beets, carrots, tomatos, a lil bit of kale juice.


1 bunch Dino kale, curly kale from last weeks farmers market trip, 3 cucumbers, lemon, celery

I’m paranoid that i’m balding for some reason. It must be my compulsive skin/scalp picking habit giving credibility to the theory. Juicing has also become a creative outlet for me. I’m currently experimenting in trying to create specific colors. As i’ve demonstrated today, it’s easy to get a really vibrant cranberry red color, and strong spinach green color. Just overdose on beet and mega greens like kale or spinach. I am more interested in nuanced colors like fuchsia pink (doable with a tiny amount of beet juice, and a lot cucumber juice or added spring water), vibrant blue (add blue spirulina), and lastly the one that will be the hardest: sea foam.

So far self-juicing to avoid store bought juices that come in plastic is a complete success. The more we do it, the easier it gets, the more integrated it is in our everyday life, and the more we can experiment and have fun with it. 10/10 would recommend.

Zero Waste Takeaways:

  • Always buy kale at the farmer’s market (cause it’s the bestest kale)
  • Always buy berries in cardboard cartons that are compostable and reusable
  • Give back green plastic clamshells to farmer when buying strawberries, cherry tomatoes, or other items (bring a glass container to put them in)
  • Refuse plastic bags & bring your own produce bags for loose or delicate items you may want to keep together. Some sellers have scales that can tare.
  • Buy lots of berries during berry season (summer) and freeze them in glass jars for sustainable berries year round you can use in pies and smoothies.
  • Cherry tomatoes can keep for about a week after being bought
  • Make your own juice to avoid plastic!!


Lastly, lastly, LASTLY, I hope to post my regularly to my blog. I have so many ideas and they overflow, until I have them everywhere scattered on printer paper from work, post it notes, various notebooks, my notes on my computer, emails to myself, text messages to myself, notes on my phone, text messages to my boyfriend. The most important thing for me is to get them out otherwise I will explode. Not only do I hope to post regularly, but I’d also like to post regularly without the Neurotic Touch™ I end up sprinkling into every single post.


Upcoming posts: Why I’m no longer strict about my Zero Waste Lifestyle, D.I.Y.  Zero Waste Brightening & Exfoliating Cleanser + Mask, Easy D.I.Y. MSM Facial Mist

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